Being Britney

Ya’ll why can’t I be like Britney?!?! Only my Husbands are allowed to be stupid!!! Oh well. Wait till thursday because holy snap more laughs coming your way!!!! And remember if you don’t share the Husbands, there will be no more laughs…and no more short skirts on me!!!!

Alessandra and Xander’s Big Pee-Wee Herman Adventure

Xander and I had the joy to meet THE PEE WEE HERMAN thanks to my dear friend, the awesome George Lopez! George knows how I am such a life long fan of Pee-Wee’s so I was invited to watch him and then meet him backstage. It was a moment I will never forget. I have now officially met my two idols, Pee-Wee and Liza Minnelli!!! Enjoy this scatter brained and very dizzy video. Our excitement was veryyyyy overwhelming! Please share this amazing video to all you Pee-Wee Herman lovers!